onsdag 19 oktober 2011


Recension hittas på pikeempire.blogspot.com

Tack så mycket C-O. Både för den otroliga helgen och recensionen. Tack Krimtänk, Five finger Discount, The Bristles.

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  1. V/a-dimmorna skingras vol.1 lp(Pike Records,cyber punk contact: pikerec@gmail.com )

    2011,and we had comps.from Prague,Barcelona and California and now finally I got this one from Sweden(w/thankies to D. J).Looks like town/country comps are back again and what’s more all of them are excellent!This has 2-6 songs from each band and you get a little bit of all punk genres here as well.Comes with insert and selvsagt not all bands printed lyrix/translations,but at least you got a contact address/art from all.29 songs by 10 svenska bands,them being Glöm Dä!,Striker,Slaktrens,Angelpiss,Dick Tracy,Aggrenation,Kurt Olvars Rebeller(the oldies on here!),Sub Alert,Unabombers and Krimtänk.I immediately fell in love with Angelpiss(wot a name J)and their song “I Hate God”,while K.O.R. keep up old skool svenska punk and a special mention goes to Krimtänk,the drums are so out of rhythm you simply have to love these songs.And of course my faves here also include Glöm Dä! and Sub Alert.I really hope Pike Records manages to put out a 2nd volume pretty soon.Excellent comp. and excellent simple packaging.Right,this isn’t really from 2011,it says released in 2010 but who cares if the record is great?!

  2. Ballt! Vad kommer detta ifrån?